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Company Profile
Company Name: Garcia Ramos
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
gang saw, multidisc, bevelling machine, bridge cutter, bridge saw, stone effect process, finishing process
Country/Region: SpainSpain
Established: Apr 17,1950
Verification Type:
Company Description

Passionate about mechanics and situated in the heart of the región of marble that has existed since ancient times and has seen the birth of the Alhambra, Aureliano García Sánchez took all his experience in this sector to found García Ramos in 1950. Since then  García Ramos  is the first company of  technological development of machines for processing natural Stone.

 His perfectionism and  profesional team make a leading company in the sector internationally. Currently, García Ramos offers the best integration of technologies in manufacturing processes, evolving, developing and innovating new projects. 

His famous range consists of:

Gang saw, winch, bridge cutter, disc cutter, stone cutter, parallel cutter, multidisc cutter, bevelling machine, cutting line, robotization line, among others.

Our reputation, as well as the robustness of our products and services add  value to the sale:

Technical service operating 24 hours         
Training for the best use of the machine         
Advice on the design for the best quality / price