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Company Name: Northwood Machine Manufacturing Co.
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
Northwood CNC router, Northwood CNC Cutting Machine
Country/Region: United StatesUnited States
Established: Dec 31,1987
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Company Description

Founded in 1988, Northwood entered the marketplace as a provider of heavy duty manual shop equipment for the wood working industry. After a few years of growth, this market became stagnant and shops were looking towards more innovative solutions to increase production and quality. In 1990, the decision was made to develop a CNC router. In 1991, the first Northwood CNC router was installed and began the challenge of building the highest quality CNC machining center available in the market.
Throughout the journey to present day, a continued focus on quality, reliability and unmatched customer service has made Northwood CNC Machining Centers the equipment of choice for companies throughout all industries.
Northwood has always chosen to build a machine based upon our customer’s application. We have never changed a customer’s application to fit our machine.  From small specialized shops to large aerospace manufacturer, Northwood will design and deliver the right machine for you and your business.
At Northwood, we get it!
stone/fabcenter.jpgNorthwood provides CNC equipment to automate the stone fabrication process.  Northwood not only provides Northwood Stone Machine - Countertop Fabrication reliable equipment but also industry knowledge and experience on how to run an efficient all-digital stone shop.  This includes utilizing equipment such as digital templating, online job scheduling and inventory systems, part nesting via hi-resolution photos to achieve grain matching, barcode technology for easy operation, simple graphical machine interface, easy-to-use CAD/CAM software to import directly from digital templates, and many other software solutions.  This means that Northwood not only delivers machinery, but they deliver the results necessary to move fabricators forward.
CNC Machining Centers and SawJETs are used to produce countertops made of 2cm and 3cm granite, quartz, marble engineered stones, and other natural stones.  Northwood has machinery to provide CNC high-torque SmartSaw with PowerTilt for mitered cuts/edges as well as high-pressure CNC waterjet equipment.  In fact, the Northwood SawJET combines the two technologies and makes cutting any nest that is setup for yield or beautiful part matching an easy job.  The Legendary Northwood 138 Extreme Duty Spindle (EDS) CNC Router is capable of performing edging, profiling, and machining of countertops using any available CNC cutting tool.  The EDS router is also capable of extremely high-torque at very low RPMs making it the ONLY CNC Stone Router in the industry capable of preforming CNC texturing, brushing, honing, leathering, and polishing of different stones.  For Northwood Stoneworks Technologies visit our Stoneworks CNC Machine Technologies or our SawJet CNC Technologies.
11610 Commonwealth Dr. Louisville, KY 40299