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Company Name: IREMAR Innovation And Service
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
Country/Region: SpainSpain
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Company Description

Iremar was founded in 1977 -.our goal is to supply the natural stone and marble sector withe equipment and tools at competitive prices which enable them to get the most out of their business. we were founded by Jose Maria Barrionuevo and irene perez and are presenly directed by the second generation. our aim is continous improvement, this has been done by providing our clients with the support and service they deserve over the last 30 years. we are delighted to be able to keep offering this unique unovative customer service.we carry out these improvements by applying the latest technology to our products.this allows us to offer, made to measure solutions to our customers. we are proud to offer maximum reliability and performance in everyone of our products. this has enabled us to offer our clients the best service possible using our technical assistance service team (s.a.t.).