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Marziyeh SAFDARI
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Company Name: MKS Machinery Company
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
Gangsaw 80 Blades Machine , Marble Block Cutter Machine , Cross Cutter Machine, Horizontal Splitting Machine , Tile Polishing Machine , Slab polishing Machine
Country/Region: TurkeyTurkey
Established: Dec 31,1977
Company Description

The quality assurance system is set up in our company in 2002, and is documented with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System by Turkish Standards Isntitute in 2003.
All the parts of the machine by CNC Processing Plants, controlled according go the process control criteria and sent to the assembly unit.
Machines signed with CE mark in the catalogue are equipped with the security equipments providing human health and security. The difference of these machines, produced with CE standards, is the design of the covers and the electronic equipments not to from a risk for the human health and security.

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